24 August 2016 · News

5 First Time Driver Safety Tips

Safe Driving

Whether this is your first time behind the wheel by yourself, or you are the concerned parent of a novice driver, it is important to know how to remain safe behind the wheel. So here are some tips for new or learner drivers to keep you safe out on the open road:

1. Purchase a safe car.

If all of our dreams came true, we would be zooming through the streets in an 86 sports car. But when you’re a new driver, safety, reliability, and affordability take priority. Therefore, something like a Corolla, Yaris, or Camry is a lot more practical for your first car! When you visit a Wide Bay Toyota Dealership make sure to talk to the dealer about your needs.

2. Get to know your car.

Once you've purchased your new car, get in and explore all the in’s and out’s on your own. Ensure that you know what every button or lever does, how to turn the windshield wipers, indicators and lights on, and which side of the car the fuel tank is located. The more you know, the less likely you are to become distracted while driving.

3. Adjust to weather conditions.

In rainy or stormy conditions you'll want to slow down, particularly if this is your first time driving in this type of weather. Be as alert as possible. Learn how your car handles in these weather conditions so that you can make adjustments to your driving where needed.

4. Put down the mobile phone!

I’m sure you have been told this time and time again, but PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! Yes, it is illegal. Yes, it is tempting to take a quick look. But no, don’t do it! This is a huge distraction while you are driving, and distracted drivers are not safe drivers. Form a habit of completing important calls and messages before you get behind the wheel. This conscious effort will help minimise the number of distractions especially while you're a new driver.

5. Always check your blind spot!

Blind spots are easy to forget about because, well, they’re in a ‘blind spot’ and you can’t see them. That’s why it is vital to make a mental note to remember to check them. Keep an eye out for another car, cyclist, pedestrian or biker that may be obscured from view before you merge. For the same reasons, make sure you’re not driving in someone else’s blind spot either.

So are you ready to get behind the wheel? To be a safer driver, make sure to be alert and aware of your driving and your surroundings. Now you’re prepared to enjoy the open road.

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